Web Hosting

Need your web site up and running? Then you're going to need it hosted with a reliable company. That's where we can help.

Some of our competitors overload you with extra features you won't use, and offer a half dozen options to trick you into paying too much money just to get what you want. We happen to think that's a bunch of bull. So we are changing the game to focus on serving you best with one simple, cost-effective option: the "No Bull" Web Plan.

Our plan is carefully optimized to ensure that you get what you need. We make sure to keep your website running as fast as possible by not overselling the resources on our equipment. And that's no bull.

No Bull Web Plan
Domain Name
Need a domain name? Maybe you'd like an alternate, shorter address to compliment your existing one. The "No Bull" Web Plan offers customers one domain name (.com, .net, or .org) free of charge for the duration of your service.
Web Storage
We offer plenty of storage space to accommodate even the most graphically-demanding sites. You can even use the extra space for file storage and backup.
Web Transfer
Our plan includes a generous allotment of bandwith to keep your site's wheels greased even when it's under strain. We monitor bandwith usage carefully so that we can get in touch with customers who might be nearing their limit and ensure that their site's performance is not affected.
Windows Live Accounts
As a bonus for our hosting customers, we are pleased to provide up to 500 Windows Live Accounts connected to your domain. This powerful productivity suite is accessible from any networked computer or mobile device through subdomains on your own site. The following services are included: Outlook.com Webmail with unlimited storage (mail.yourdomain.com), Windows Live Calendar (calendar.yourdomain.com), 7 gigs of online storage with SkyDrive (skydrive.yourdomain.com), access to Microsoft Office Web Apps for online document editing, Contact Manager, and Messaging!
Email Addresses
We offer several different webmail interfaces and are happy to offer assistance in setting up e-mail clients for desktops and mobile devices. By default, we will host your email on Microsoft Windows Live's powerful mail servers to give you the benefits of their spam filtering, account management, Outlook.com webmail for desktop and mobile devices, and POP3 and Exchange ActiveSync support for desktop and mobile clients. Need IMAP support? No problem - We'll be glad to host your mail on our own servers.
Even more
Modern versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and Ruby; unlimited MySQL accounts; unlimited FTP accounts; free system monitoring; and free monthly emergency data backups. Phew!
Yours for only $300 paid annually
How do I get started?

We're committed to making the "No Bull" Web Plan a painless process for you. Simply contact us and let us know that you're ready to get started. We'll get back to with you a short list of questions to start the process. That's it. Leave the technical details to us.

What if I need more?

Want Google Apps for Business support? How about more space? That's not a problem. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to work up a custom-tailored plan to accomadate your site. We also offer specialized plans for e-commerce sites.

Anything else?

While we'll gladly point multiple domain names to a single site if you wish, the "No Bull" Web Plan is intended to be used for one website per plan only. Also, please note that we have a strict policy against hosting explicit, pirated, or otherwise illegal files.

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